How to Prevent Roof Deck Leak

Roof deck leaks are one of the common problems homeowners and building owners face especially during the rainy season. Finding the source of leak in a roof deck can be time consuming. You should determine first where the leak comes from to decide whether a repair can be made.

Roof deck leaks can give you headaches. Here are the problems you may encounter later on if roof deck leaks are not repaired immediately.

• Interior Damages. Leaks can quickly deteriorate your valuables at home like furniture and electronics. Wall decors, carpets and ceilings are not an exception.
• Structural Damages. Leaks that are unnoticed or ignored can result to deterioration of sheathing and framing of the house.
• Toxic Mold. Yes, you read it right. Molds are not only formed in expired bread and food. Once your roof starts leaking, mold can start growing within 24 hours. Some types of mold are toxic that are difficult to eliminate and may even cause health risks to you and your family.
• High Initial Cost. Later on, if roofs are not repaired immediately, it can lead to a more expensive renovation and reroofing.

Any roof deck cracks can be sealed with an outdoor, waterproof, or flexible concrete patch compound. The best way to avoid leaks right when you build your house or building is to waterproof it.

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