Dust Control

For something so small and that you can’t even see, dust mites can stir a lot of trouble. It gets worse as it triggers dust allergy. Aside from dust mites, cockroaches, mold and animals (pet dander) can also be a cause of this allergy. When you start having its symptoms, such as a runny or stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes and sneezing, then it’s already time to have that dust control. Reduce your exposure to house dust with some of these tips:

Clean or replace small-particle filters in central heating and cooling systems and in room air conditioners at least once a month.

Don’t allow smoking anywhere inside your house.

Control cockroaches and mice with inexpensive traps or hire professional exterminator. Prevent infestation by sealing cracks or other possible entryways.

Close doors and windows during warm weather and use air conditioning and dehumidifiers.

Remove non-washable contaminated materials such as carpeting.

Check the roof and ceilings for water leaks. Prevent leaks that could result to mold and cracks by water proofing.

Have a weekly cleaning routine. Use a vacuum cleaner with a small-particle or a high-efficiency particulate air filter. Use a damp cloth to clean other surfaces, including the tops of doors, windowsills and window frames. Remove wall-to-wall carpets from the bedroom if possible.

If you are putting in new floors, avoid wall to wall carpeting for carpet is an ideal home for dust mites. You can put floor coating so that it is easy to clean and it won’t absorb dirt, chemicals, oils and such that could leave to stain. The floor has an extra protection when it is coated.

Avoid those allergies and have a clean, dust-free home. For water proofing, floor coating and dust proofing services you may contact Precision Point, Inc. at +6332.238.0034 and +6332.238.9593. Our office is located at W70, Mandaue North Central, Castilex Compound, ML Quezon St., Cabancalan, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines 6014